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From the day we opened our doors in 1976, we've had the one goal: to create innovative designs and build quality homes, to suit all budgets. Metricon’s founders started with the burning desire to build homes where people would truly love to live. That’s what we wanted to achieve above all else and that’s what we’re still focused on. 

The Metricon story began in 1976 with a very simple design philosophy: to not just build houses, but to design stunning homes where you’d love to live, homes that celebrate Australian family life in all its wonderful variety. This simple idea was the guiding principle that drove our company founders to establish Metricon and it’s still the cornerstone of our design philosophy today. 


We believe it’s important to live in a welcoming, vibrant local community, and that’s why we work hard to support local events and charitable organisations. We believe that giving and sharing creates a strong foundation on which true community spirit grows. This is our commitment to you so that you’ll truly love where you live! We foster and maintain strong relationships with all of our wider communities, including partnering in sponsorships and contributing to local and national charities.
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