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AGC Property Management is made up of a dynamic team of professionals who dedicate themselves to excellence in customer service. We aim to take the stress of property management off property owners and act as a reliable point of contact for tenants.


All of our team members have an excellent working knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act and the relevant Acts of Parliament to ensure you are looked after legally, ethically and financially.



AGC provides investors with a quality service which is essential to adding value to your investment portfolio.

We deliver a high standard when it comes to:

  • Agreement preparation
  • Collection of rent
  • Processing insurance claims
  • Financial accounting & reporting
  • Paying of accounts i.e. rates, insurance, body corporate levies
  • Arranging of repairs & maintenance
  • Preparing & checking property inventory
  • Report pre, during & post property condition
  • Promoting & marketing your investment
  • Dispute mediation & resolution
  • Arrears accumulation prevention systems



Your investment is worth protecting! At AGC, we understand the importance of a well maintained property in obtaining a higher rent.


We cover all aspects of protecting your investment including:

  • Pre & post tenancy condition reports
  • 3 monthly inspections during tenancy
  • Regular rental reviews to maximise returns
  • Co-ordinate & examine repairs & maintenance work upon completion and before payment
  • Advice on insurance to protect from loss of rental income & damage to your investment


All inspection, repair and maintenance work reports are sent to you with photographs where necessary.

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