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Mike Lin was born in a well known commercial city Wen Zhou in China and has lived in Shanghai for about 20 years. Mike has excellent commercial awareness and a sharp business sense. He started his investment in housing in 1992 where he first tasted success in the trade.
In 2001, Mike entered the real estate market in Shanghai with plenty of opportunities as Shanghai was becoming an international economic centre, trade centre, financial centre, shipping centre and therefore experiencing an unprecedentedly booming real estate market.  Mike worked in housing investment with extraordinary investment perception and with his prior experience as an accountant, after only several years his personal assets increased enormously. 
In 2005 Mike established Shanghai Ju Jia Real Estate Company.  He was the chairman of Ju Jia and shared his pleasure and rich experience in housing investment with thousands of customers through real estate resource platforms and offering the high quality sales service of Ju Jia Real Estate.
In 2009, Mike set up Shanghai Jia Ji Industrial Limited Company and further broadened the field of real estate investment to industrial real estate projects such as building engineering construction, interior design and decoration and property management.
Due to the saturated real estate market in China and increasingly severe policy regulations in recent years, Mike successfully transferred part of his assets to the Australian real estate market which offers better investment prospects and more opportunities to increase his investment portfolio with his foresight in the international market.
In 2014, Mike joined the very well known AGC Property Centre, which provides high quality investment products to Chinese customers and strives to assist more people to succeed with their investments with unique insight and market knowledge.  As the Director of Operations of AGC Property Centre in China, Mike definitely has the confidence and strength to link top Australian property developers with wise Chinese investors. He devotes himself to recommending the investment products with the most potential to Chinese customers and share his own rewarding experience with everyone.
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